In lieu of Mother's Day coming up, I thought I would share my favorite things about being a mother. I have only been a mom for a little over 4 years, but in reality I can't imagine my life before sometimes.

  1. For sure one of my favorite things is seeing their faces right after they wake up in the morning, there really is nothing better! Possibly because you have not seen their faces in 12 hours (hopefully)! I actually kind of miss them...
  2. So cliche I know...but watching them grow and learn everyday. When my four year old came up to me and asked me to "further" explain something to him I almost wept! Who knew he would be that intelligent! (it's the little things) Or when my 2 year old said a complete sentence for the first time...pure joy!
  3. Seeing myself or my husband come out in their little personalities. They really are ours for the rest of eternity, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. After my first baby, I thought to myself, how will I ever love another child as much as I love him? Guess what, you do! One of my favorite things with having two children is learning how to bond with each one of them differently. My oldest is not someone who would cuddle up to you, but would love to play a game or have me read him a book. My youngest would prefer to sit on my lap and have his back tickled for hours, each special in their own way.
  5. The hilarious things your children say. I'll leave it at that...
  6. Watching my husband become a dad, I never thought I would love him more, then I had a baby and he became a dad. Nothing sexier!
  7. Being able to love, take care and serve my own people. This is not something I thought I would love, but I do. Nothing makes me happier than a clean house, laundry done, dinner on the table and my family talking about their day.
  8. Gives me life and purpose.
  9. Makes me as a person want to wake up and do better than I did the day before, because they need me to.
  10. Being ok with the fact that I am not perfect, and never will be, and my children still love me anyway!

Ps. This Google home has been the greatest thing to have around the house, and everyone loves it! Whether it be me asking the weather or the kids asking what an elephant sounds like. Sometimes it's like having an extra set of hands...win for any mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's and future Mother's!