What's got me Laughing.....


Since having twins I have found myself multiple times feeling the urge to laugh unconditionally, while all the while wanting to cry at the very same time! Coincidence?? I'm not sure, but let me tell you I always feel better when I choose the laughing one. My life is crazy and their is no denying it! Here are just a few stories from my past week of insanity!

On our drive down to California last week the twins screamed, I kid you not probably 3 and half hours of the 4 hour drive. I at some points of the drive wanted to literally pull every strand of hair out of my head, but instead, I blasted the music, and killed every Celine Dion song I could. About half way through it me and Justin looked at each other and seriously started laughing, like seriously this is crazy, and they aren't giving up! I had to tell myself you have no control, they have been fed and changed. Unfortunately they have to be in a carseat and they just weren't feeling it, so I decided I might as well laugh, because I'll tell you what if I didn't laugh I was for sure going to Cry! Like I said before though, I always feel better after laughing rather than crying!

While on the trip we thought it would be a grand Idea to stroll down the Huntington beach pier, and eat at Ruby's Diner. As we are strolling down the pier the wind is literally blowing like crazy and the twins were in their stroller, screaming their heads off! We finally get up to the restaurant, and the table they had given us was upstairs, so I head for the handicap elevator, which me and my large stroller barely fit in! Keep in mind KoKo is still screaming her head off! So we get to the table and I pick up KoKo, and I can tell she has a dirty diaper. So I head to change her, she has literally exploded all over. I seriously took the outfit and threw it in the trash! Like a ding dong I didn't pack an extra outfit, so KoKo remained in a diaper and swaddler for the remainder of the dinner! We then sat down and started feeding the twins. Not long after Jones knocks over my diet coke spills all over my pants, and then the glass shatters on the floor! The entire restaurant was looking at our circus now! I could feel that feeling again, tears or laughter which would it be??? I seriously looked at Justin again and we just died laughing!! We were a Joke! To go out with a bang Jones ended up popping a balloon as we lugged my massive stroller down the stairs as everyone watched! All I could do was giggle the rest of the night as I thought how crazy it was!

We were sitting in church on Sunday, and Jones says mom I have to go to the bathroom so we headed to the potty. After she had finished her business, she was washing her hands, and she stared at me and said, "mom I am going to cut that green polka dot dress up! I don't like it, it's super weird, and I am going to cut it up! Why you wear it??" Isn't she a peach??

This morning in between my lash appointments, I was doing Jonesy's hair for school, while Justin was getting the twins ready for the bath. All of a sudden Justin looks down and Frankie has pooped all over the carpet. We seriously looked at one another and just started busting up laughing, and a little bit of dry heaving from me.... Again I had the choice laugh or cry and I decided laughing it was for me!



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