Pencil Dress


I'm currently in bed laying next to Jonesy, who is still sniffling from the crying, that lead to her finally falling asleep! Shocker, she won, I finally caved, and let her in my bed, but guess what I don't even care, because at least she is finally ASLEEP! Do you guys ever feel that way?? It's like seriously forget the rules, whatever gets you to the next day is what you have to do! I used to wonder why my Mom's favorite day of the week was Sunday... I think I am beginning to understand why though.... Because it is the one day a week you can count on getting up, getting dressed, semi putting on make up, semi doing your hair, and having your hubby there to help you along! Seriously, since the twins were born, we just don't leave the house much, it's just too hard, plus they still nap so often that it is not worth throwing off their schedule. So we sit at home a lot. Which means like on days like to day, it was 3, and I realized I still hadn't even showered.... So yes I understand now why my mom loved Sunday's so much when she had young kids, it was a reason to get ready, put a cute outfit on and see somewhere else besides the walls of my own house!

I tell you all this, because I have had this dress for a little bit an if it weren't for church I probably would never get to wear it! I love dresses and I love that I still have every Sunday to be able to wake up and put one on, and feel like a total girl! Hope you are all enjoying your week whether it be in dresses or sweats, just remember just do what you have to do to survive!