I am now a little over 14 weeks pregnant and feeling much better than before. With my first two pregnancies I was very sick till about 17-20 weeks. This pregnancy has been a bit different, I was sick but not nearly as sick as my first two. Everyone keeps telling me that means this baby is a girl, but I'm still convinced I am a mom of BOYS!

The first 2 months of my pregnancy I was obsessed with eggs. Yes you heard me right...eggs. Scrambled, hard boiled, over easy, I wanted them. A strange craving for a pregnant girl, especially since I'm literally a blood hound right now. However eggs made me feel better and kept me full longer than other things I was craving. I also want cottage cheese and pickles with seasoned salt on the daily. I guess it could be worse, I could want a gallon of ice cream every night!?

Another fun fact about my third pregnancy...I AM HUGE. I am not just saying this, I look 30 weeks pregnant when I look in the mirror. I have multiple people already ask me when I am due, when I say October they get a strange look on their face. :) I am hoping this just means my body knows what to do, and not that I am having a massive baby!

With that said, I am all about comfort these days. With the hot weather approaching I have decided I will wearing comfortable dresses for the remainder of this pregnancy. No constricting, ventilation throughout and a million choices maternity and not. This dress I found is definitely going to be on me at a least once a week. I hope you guys have a SUPER week!