I'm currently wishing it would be Wednesday already!! It may seem lame, but I'm stoked, because I'm headed to Women's Conference with all my favorite peeps! Women's Conference is put on by our church, it is a two day conference for women filled with fabulous classes, amazing food, and all my girls in one trip! All the ladies in my family try and go every year, we stay in the dorms, and have the time of our life! We stay up till the wee hours of the night, giggling, binge eating, and during the day we go to the most amazing classes, on all different topics! If you didn't notice the name of it was Womens Conference, which means we will all be hands free of children! So pretty much I'm going to feel like a teenager again! If you can't tell I'm super excited, love my peeps, but this Mamma needs a little break! I think it is super important for us mom's to have a little alone time, and something to look forward to every year and this is mine! On a side note I love to pack romper's when traveling, so obviously this romper will be making the trip! xoxo,