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So I'm not going to say the bump is full blown bumping yet, but I anticipate that by the time my orders from Asos and H&m arrive it will be in full swing! A little update on my TWIN pregnancy, I'm 17 weeks on Thursday, I have already gained 10 lbs, and as my previous dr. let me know, "Thats not Baby" which is always so fun to hear! NOT! Oh the Joys of Pregnancy right? The other day I was walking with my mom and I said, "mom I am only 16 weeks and I am freaking waddling like I am 9 months!!" Being the sweet supportive mom that she is she tried to console me and say "Jace there is 2 babies in there, so you are more like 26 weeks." It was sweet, but I don't believe a word she says I'm pretty sure I am just a wimp of some sorts. Another fun fact is I already get shortness of breath, which is super awkward when I am just sitting there doing lashes and running out of breath.... You guys did catch me say I am SITTING!! On a brighter note we are going on a week of feeling pretty dang good! I haven't been super sick since last Monday! We are over the moon about our Twin Girls, and I can't to freaking meet them and squeeze their faces off! Between me and Jonesy they don't have a prayer and neither does Justin for that matter! At first when I found out it was two girls I am not going to lie I was slightly disappointed, but then the day after I found out I was at work and just had a thought of my three beautiful girls being best friends and my best friend and I honestly got teary! I'm pretty sure thats all the hormones, but hey it was a good little cry to myself! Those happen more often then not when I'm pregnant as well! That kinda wraps up the pregnancy so far, my opinion of pregnancy still remains the same, in a nutshell is it kinda blows, but the reward is totally worth it, and I am getting double the reward so it probably has to be double the crap! So bring it on I am almost half way there, and then I get the two best gifts ever!!! For those of you wondering we still have no clue on names and picking two for the same gender is brutal!





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