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In my eyes I will forever be a mom to BOYS!  From a young age I always thought I would have a lot of BOYS...and I am off to a good start.  To be honest I really wanted a girl first.  I thought that having a girl first would make my life a lot easier.  They could babysit the younger siblings when she got old enough.  She could help me take care of the younger siblings around the house, maybe even fix a PB & J or 2 for her and her siblings.  Never the less, I have BOYS...and I LOVE THEM!  I never knew I could love 2 little boys more than I do.  Here are some things I have learned from being a mom to boys.

  • With out a doubt whenever I would take their diapers off from newborn-6 months old they would pee.  I quickly learned to cover immediately after removing the soiled diaper.
  • Dad will always be more fun...and I am ok with that.  It's a nice break after a long day, dad comes home and they both want to go with him!
  • They prefer to be naked, ALWAYS.  Parks is potty trained now and insists on taking all his clothes off before he goes to the bathroom.  I told him his preschool teacher are not going to be fans of this.
  • Dressing boys can actually be fun, I love clothes so I had to find a way to make this interesting.
  • Everything has a sound effect... even a pencil :)
  • Hair cuts are way more often than wanted...and no fun at all.  My boys insist the clippers are going to chop their heads off and scream the ENTIRE time, it's a blast.
  • Hitting, swiping, ramming, tapping, head butting, and poking may actually be their way of "loving."
  • Wrestling is actually a fun thing...even though someone always ends up in tears.
  • "ball" was both of my boys first word...enough said.
  • They love their mommy more than anything...que the tears.  Both my boys love to come up at any given moment and hug or cuddle me, melts my heart!

Christian and I want a girl more than anything, but for now we love our crazy, lovable BOYS!


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Dress- c/o Roolee Boutique

Shoes- ASOS

Bag- c/o Coco and Kiwi

Hat- c/o Gigi Pip


Tank top- Gap

Shorts- Gap

Shoes- Nordstrom