Happy Monday everyone! Remember last week when I told you that I had something exciting to show you about keeping my busy 3-year-old busy while I work???  Well today is the day!  After having my second baby I decided to quit my teaching job and find a job where I could work from home.  So, hello blog world, goodbye teaching world.  I feel so blessed to be able to work from home, I get to spend most of my day with my kids, teaching, observing and loving on them, I wouldn't have it any other way.  However that does still mean that I need my boys to be sleeping or entertained while doing so.

Lux is still napping twice a day so this is a great help, Parks on the other hand is definitely not napping AT ALL.  In this case I knew that I would need to come up with something for him to do besides watch T.V. or play with iPad while mom works.  I reverted back to when I took my kids on a plane awhile back and how I went about keeping them entertained for the treacherous 5 hour flight!  Someone had once told me to go to the dollar store and buy cheap nick-nacks that you can keep pulling out of your bag every so often like Mary Poppins.  To my great surprise...IT WORKED!

I thought to myself, how can I incorporate this with my work schedule??  After much pondering I decided to buy a storage compartment that I could fill with different things, 3 or 4 times a week that would keep him entertained for about an hour each time.  I walked around Hobby Lobby and found a Creative Options storage bin that a perfect size and shape.  Big enough to fit coloring books, blocks and small toys, yet small enough my 3 year old can pick it up.  While I was there I decided to pick up a couple other items I saw that I knew Parks would find entertaining to add to the big for our first trial run.


I was blown away how well the "special bin" worked with my little guy.  It was like Christmas for him to open that simple little bin and see what was inside.  Side note (no need to spend tons of money on the items inside, I have since found old coloring books or toys he has not played with in awhile and put them in there and he is just as excited.)  He was completely entertained for more than an hour, and mom got plenty of work done!  Now every time he sees our Creative Options bin or his "special bin" as he calls it, he can't wait to see whats inside.

It makes me feel better knowing that, even though I get to work from home, my boys are still being productive and busy while I do so!  Cheers to all you working moms out there!  Being a mom is not the easiest job, but it sure is the best job!

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