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I'm totally in the tweener phase of pregnancy, and it is killing me! You think with your second pregnancy I would remember all of this, but I have completely spaced it! Its not like I am showing yet, but my clothes are definitely not fitting right either. So like I mentioned before, definitely in the TWEENER phase. This pregnancy has been so different then with Jones, then again there are two in there so I really shouldn't be that surprised I guess... Never the less there are some things that remain the same from my  first pregnancy.... I can't stand the sight of Diet coke while I am pregnant which truly breaks my heart. I actually take a sip of who ever's is sitting next to me just to make sure I still hate it. Right along with hating diet coke, I also don't care for donuts which is truly a sin in my book. I have a Diet coke and maple donut from the gas station every Monday and Wednesday on my way to work, so needless to say the lady who works at the gas station probably thinks something terrible has happened to me. I'm a little more snappy then probably usual, and if you asked people close to me they would prob say more than a little... I am not the type of person that can fall asleep anywhere at all, I normally am a in my bed kind of girl and you would NEVER catch me sleeping while watching tv. Yet I shamefully have to say that I was drooling on my sisters pillow while Luke pronounced his love for Jojo last week on the bachelorette. I am starving, but nothing really sounds good. I can't stand anything touching me really while I'm pregnant. Smells are the death of me. Greek yogurt has been a saving grace, and if I'm not working I am in the horizontal position laying down 99% of the time. Jones goes around telling people that I am sick and that's why I can't hold her, which is pretty much true, I just don't know if that lady at Smith's needs to know that. I am 13 weeks pregnant, totally stoked, totally sick, and never been more grateful for hating diet coke! Thats my pregnancy in a nutshell so far! I'm sure it will come with a few more surprises, and a lot more of the same as before!



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