A Soft Pink


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Dress || Purse || Shoes || Necklace (similar)


Cheers to it almost being the weekend! You guys first off, this dress is $13, everyone should own it, and in every color! Today I want to talk about getting ready for YOU!  Don't get me wrong...my daily uniform is "momiform" to a T.  However every blue moon when I throw a pair of heels on, I feel different.  A good different, like maybe I am not just a mom, but a wife and a lady.  Being a mom is the best thing in the world, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I am a girl and I LOVE to dress up!

Lets get real here for a minute, sometimes after I have put my boys to sleep at night, I sit down, for maybe the first time since they woke up and think, did I do anything right today?  Did my boys learn anything?  Did they watch to much T.V.?  Did I give them too much sugar? (For sure!)  Every day is different, and I am definitely NOT perfect, but I try and my boys are healthy, growing and happy, so I guess I'm doing something right???

Back to my main thought, I am a mom 24/7.  With that said, I feel like it's ok and even healthy to have YOU time, to dress up, feel like a lady, and do something you love!  So go out to lunch with girlfriends, perhaps a hot date with that special someone, or my personal favorite a pedicure! You deserve it!


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