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Can a girl ever have too many hats??  Nope!  A hat is always my go to.  Wether I have not washed my hair in a week, or I need to add a little something to my plain outfit, a hat does the trick.  I have a plethora of hats I have collected through out the years and I never can seem to get rid of them.  Hey every style come back around sometime right?  I discovered the cutest hat shop online, GIGI PIP.  I have never met the girl who started this company, but I have to tell you she seems like the nicest, most sincere, down to earth person, and I like that!  You name it they have your style of hat, from beanies to flat brim hats like I have here.  This particular hat is called the "Lydia" and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!  I scored this skirt at the Forever21 buy one get one free sale, bought it without even trying it on, thats always a gamble, but it worked in my favor this time!  You never know what you can find on those little racks.  Even though it is Tuesday, it feels like it should be Monday with the long holiday so have a good week... lucky's a short one!




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