Kortni Jeane Swimwear

Happy Hump day! Oh what to do on this beautiful Wednesday... Well here in Vegas with our summer in February, we are busting out our swimmers already!! It's seriously been gorgeous, like in the 80's! Which totally makes me fear for July and August, but for now, I'll take it! So every year on my birthday I go to lunch with my girls, and then some sort of an activity to follow, whether it be a movie, shopping, or pedicure ect... This last year we did lunch at Nordstrom cafe, and then shopping at the fashion show mall! As I was perusing through Urban Outiftters, my eyes kept being drawn to this blonde bombshell, and I kept thinking do I know her??? After a few minutes of hardcore now staring.... I realized it was KORTNI JEANE! You guys I was dead seriously star struck! I went up to her like a total goober, and pronounced to her, "I'm obsessed with your swimsuits!" She was so sweet, and as adorable in person, as she is in all her photos! Now 8 months later, I'm still just as giddy about teaming up with Kortni Jeane and showing you how amazing these swimsuits are! If you are looking for durable, trendy, and most importantly fabulous swimsuits, look no further these are them! They are so flattering, and there is one for all body types! Be sure to check out all the different tops amd bottoms, and see how you can mix and match all the different patterns. I apologize if your summer is not here yet, but it's never to early to start your summer 2016 swimmer collection! Xoxo


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