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Potty Training... is there anything good to say about it??  NO!  Well, except for after it's done you don't have to buy diapers anymore.  We have two toddlers who are actually in the middle of this process and let me tell you, it's getting the best of both of us.  How about all the dirty underwear you wash everyday, or packing extra clothes in your diaper bag, just to bring soiled clothes home in a grocery sack, that's my favorite!  Thank heavens for Coco & Kiwi's training pants, these have truly been a lifesaver!  Picture this, "potty train without the puddles!  Coco & Kiwi has worked hard to provide the perfect blend of absorbency so your child can feel wet and learn fast without the mess."  As two working, busy moms this is exactly what we needed.  We can't thank Coco & Kiwi enough with helping us potty train our babies.  We have teamed up with them to give all of our readers 10% off of their purchase by using code LIFEOFASIS at checkout!  Any other secrets you might have, please leave a comment!