Dressing the Bump during the awkward stage


As I have said before, I am showing much earlier with this pregnancy than any other! With that said...I still am going through the awkward stage of pregnancy right now. It's more the "Has Kenzi gained a couple lb's?" Or "Maybe she just had a big lunch?" I have to be so careful what I wear to make sure people know I'm pregnant, and didn't just eat a entire Chipotle burrito!

I always like to wear something that is more fitting around my belly. This can be hard sometimes, because I feel "fat" so why on earth would I wear something tight?! When doing so though, it shows off the belly and helps to make sure there is a baby in there, not my last three meals. I will use non maternity shirts or cotton summer dresses (maternity & not).

On the bottom I try to avoid anything at all, no but seriously I can't stand wearing anything on bottom that really touches me. In the first 16 weeks it makes me sick, and after that it just hurts. I am totally someone that buys maternity pants. Not a ton but definitely a couple pair of denim jeans and shorts, and maybe a black or navy pair. But this pregnancy you will see me in dresses...a lot! Not to mention it will be circling around 105-110 the duration of my pregnancy...YEAH! :(

I don't like to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes, because lets be honest, by the time I am done being pregnant I don't want to look at most of the things I have been wearing the past nine months. Of course I keep some denim and maybe a couple nice dresses, but as for everything else that has stretched to its mass capacity, get rid of it!

I wish I was one of those people who embraced pregnancy and loved it, but I am not. So I have to make the best of it by making sure I feel better about myself. I hate feeling fat, and I hate being sick, but am so thankful for this little guy!



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