Major Venting!


Here it goes guys, major venting, the things that have me laughing/crying and this week if I'm being honest a little more crying..... Like I said before, about every three weeks I have a little break down and this week I'm blaming all the "CRAP" for the tears!!

  1. I got home from work and the twins were in their bouncers. Being super excited to see them after a long day at work I went up to them, kissed their faces, talked baby talk, and all the other things you do to a baby. All of a sudden I was like "Oh Frank you STINK!" So I unbuckled her bouncer, and picked her up to change her. When I picked her up she had blow out through her diaper, pants, and onto the chair. I quickly pulled off all her clothes, and was holding her kinda out so I wouldn't get it all over me. My mom says, "Oh Jace she is dripping!" I figured she meant she was spitting up....... Nope literally the poop was dripping out of the top of her diaper onto my rug.... FUN!!!
  2. Last week I was doing my cousins hair at my house, and our girls were playing outside. All of a sudden my cousin said "JayCee I think Jonesy Pooped...." I said no way SHE IS POTTY TRAINED!!" So I look over, and low and behold she has poop down her leg! I was like Jonesy what the heck???? So I figure maybe she Sharted?? So I clean her all up.... and then my cousin's daughter says, no she pooped over there.... I'm thinking no way that's insane! So I walk over and behind a bush was a full on log! Yup that's my soon to be 4 year old taking off her panties lifting up her dress, and squating behind a bush to POOP! I died....
  3. On Sunday we were in church, and one of the twins started crying so Justin went to take her out, naturally Jones followed closely..... As they walked out of the chapel Jonesy screamed, "HOLY CRAP IT'S HOT OUT HERE" Justin quickly corrected her and said, "Jones we don't say "CRAP" she then corrected herself and said, "Oh yeah HOLY SMOLY!".... Such a Sweetheart she is!
  4.  This week I was bouncing one of the babies, and Jones was coloring and cutting paper at the table. She got down from the table, while still holding her kid friendly scissors, and said, "I'm going to cut my hair.." I said, "OH NO YOUR NOT!" So I quickly set the baby down, and while I did this Jonesy ran up the stairs, turned towards me, and before I could grab them, cut herself some sweet "baby bangs!"                                                                        So needless to say at the end of this week I had one of my Melt Downs... Literally the tears welled up in my eyes thinking I can't do this anymore! I'm done! It's too hard! I'm throwing in the towel! Someone asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday, and the most pitiful answer came out of my mouth, "I want to escape my Life for the Day...." I hate that I said it, but in that moment it was the truth. I feel like I have a three year old that hates me, because I probably am neglecting her in someway or another, and I have twins that haven't been content or easy lately.... So yes for a brief moment I wanted to escape my life, but like always I call my mom, and she brings me back down, and reminds me of every blessing I have starting with those three little s****. I love them with all my heart, but this is not easy, and every day I struggle in someway or another, but there are moments of greatness that make it all worth it, like seeing the love Jones has for the twins, and seeing their faces light up when she is doing the most bizarre things to them! Those are the moments I hold onto, and try to remember when all the "crap" has hit the fan! Its the weekend peeps so if you have had any "crap" leave it behind! Go do something fun, squeeze your babies one extra time, go on a date with someone special, get dressed up or dressed down whatever you want, because next week is a whole other week with a whole bunch more "crap!"