It's a BOY!

I secretly knew it was a boy all along...just as I did my other two boys. However many people I knew thought for sure it was a girl, mom always knows best! My pregnancy has been a little bit better than my past two, I suppose thats why some thought it may be a girl.

Now for the question I get every time I tell someone I am having another boy...What are my thoughts on 3 boys??? To be honest I was of course hoping it was a girl, I have two boys and love them with every fiber of my being, and love having them together, but my husband and I were hoping for a switch up I guess!? I have always thought since I was a very young girl that I would be a mom of MANY boys...and it's coming true.

After having three of the same gender, I think your mind just sets in that I am a mom of boys/girls. I am totally ok with it and have excepted the fact that in the future my Saturdays will consist of all day sports affairs! Dinosaurs, trucks and bugs are all things I am very familiar with now. I know more about turtles, frogs and snakes then I ever thought possible, and the way my boys love their mom...nothing better!

Does it make me sad that I may never get to do a little girls hair, or have a pedicure partner, or get a daughter ready for her first prom?! Absolutely...but then I always have to sit back and remember there are many women out there who can't have any children. I am blessed to be able to have children when I want them, and that is good enough for me.

My husband and I can't wait for another little guy to join the pack, Parks has decided to name him KoKo Bean, I told him that's a girls name and his cousins...he doesn't care. Lux continues to tell my tummy to be quiet and search under my shirt for a baby. And hey...I may forever get to be the princess in my family!

Bring on BABY BOY #3...Now someone pick a name!