Mothers Day Talk

Mothers Day, In my mom’s opinion is a great day for me to be asked to speak, why you may ask? Well in the words of my mom who put it so plainly, “ WELL THAT WILL BE EASY YOU HAVE AN AMAZING MOM, AN UNBELIEVABLE MOTHER IN LAW, AND YOU ARE A PRETTY GOOD MOM YOUR SELF!” I replied with how’s your arm? 


In all seriousness though, I am the most blessed girl in the world to have been in the presence of not only my mom and mother in law, but so many other Righteous examples of not only Motherhood, but also Womanhood. What a divine calling it is to be a Woman, and what blessing it is to be a mom. 

Motherhood is being a teacher, counselor, example, cook, cleaning lady, friend, nurse, and most of all continually trying to have the patience of JOB. 

Victor Hugo wrote-

She broke her bread into two fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness

She hath kept none for herself said the Sergeant 

Because she is not hungry said the Soldier.

“No said the Sergeant, because she is a mother.”

When I was younger my mom said things like you have no idea how much I love you, and I constantly would think, yes I do, because I love you too. It wasn’t till the day that I became a mom, as they placed that baby in my arms, I knew exactly what my mom had meant all those years, Their is no LOVE like that of a MOTHER!

Motherhood is nearest to Godhood. For…….Mothers can possess the Christ-like attribute to love our children more than we love ourselves

 It is the highest calling and the holiest assignment I have ever had.

 An old Jewish proverb said, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created Mothers.”

As I thought about the calling of a MOTHER it is the never ending job. With a never ending job there comes never ending heart ache, but without knowing what that excruciating heart ache feels like, we would not have the PURE HAPPINESS and JOY that comes from countless PAY DAYS. these PAY DAYS come in so many different ways, and when we least expect them. 

My mom was the MOM, and of course we all think our mom is the bomb! but mine was! She was perfect then and she is perfect now! My dad traveled a lot for work, so most the time my mom was doing it all on her own, living by no family, and making it work. My mom was the type of mom who made warm chocolate chip cookies in the morning for breakfast, with hot chocolate, and while we ate our cookies and hot chocolate she read us the scriptures. I know what you are thinking is this real?? My mom was so diligent about doing scripture study with us, even though I rolled my eyes every time she said it was time, and I always read more verses than she asked me to which literally put her over the edge, in my defense I did that because I was trying to save us all from my two monotone brothers who were painful to listen too. Even my dad agreed. Now that I am a mom I appreciate everything she did for me so much more! 

I remember when my brother caden was going to be a senior, my mom did the happy dance, because she would no longer have to make lunches, i remember thinking at the time big whoop… I get it now though, its hard to think of lunch everyday! MY mom made lunches for 23 years! And let me tell you these lunches were not your average PB&J Sandwiches, they were deluxe! Our house was always perfectly kept, and not one day did I ever come home that my mom was not completely put together from head to toe. She was everything I wanted to be and is still to this day. 

And although all those things were amazing they don’t compare to what she has done for me as an adult. REMEMBER that phrase I said ENDLESS JOB! Yes my mom is still being a mom, even though all her babies have left the nest! 

She is still diligent in teaching us the gospel. A few months ago my mom started sending us in our family text feed a general conference talk every morning, it has been so good for me, because I just listen to it as I get ready. All I literally have to do is press play, and in my phase of motherhood, that is what I need. I have loved it and am thankful for it. 

My mom and Mother in Law have watched my children for 5 years while I go to work and Justin goes to school. They both will never know what that means to me, how much I appreciate it, and I know I will never be able to repay them, but maybe one day I can pay it forward. 

When I found out I was having twins my mom said our new motto was “ALL HANDS ON DECK!” 

My mom did just that. When I had the twins she came over twice a week, and did a feeding in the middle of the night, she would sneak in about midnight, sleep in our guest room, do the 4 am feeding and then head home. Just like an angel, a true living angel. 

With having Joni Crompton as your mom and Corinne Wall as your mother in law, it could make you have a serious complex about being a mom! I mean seriously these two ladies have not set the bar low, I mean not even medium, I mean it is untouchably HIGH! When I start to feel this way I remember Elder Hollands words which I hope can give you moms some peace of mind as well, “ To all Mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle- and all will- I say, “ BE peaceful, Believe in God and yourself. YOU ARE DOING BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE!” 

And then after I have eased your burden’ s with that quote, then I am going to smack you right back down with this one, 

“Motherhood is near to divinity, it is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind.” And once again I am feeling all sorts of inadequacy, like I am for sure failing, and bombing the biggest test of my life! 

A couple Sunday’s ago Justin woke up early to go study, so that he could be back in time for church. I was doing my morning routine, which is kinda insane, but I will not bore you with those details. After breakfast I always go straight up and bathe the twins and get them ready for church and then hurry and put them down so that they can nap before we go to church. by the time I got them down this Sunday it was about 11, I felt like I had ran some sort of marathon, and I thought I am just going to lay down for 5 minutes. I laid down and as I sat there I thought to myself I have literally not seen or heard from my four year in probably an hour…. So I decided I should probably head downstairs and assess the situation. As I came down the stairs to my surprise, Jonesy had cleaned up breakfast, put away all the toys, and even had pulled out the broom and was sweeping, before I could say anything these are the words that came out of Jones’s mouth, I cleaned for you MOM, because you always have to clean and you shouldn’t have to mom! She then gave me a huge hug and by this time the water works were in full motion. Remember when I talked about PAY DAYS well this was my PAY DAY. If at the end of the day I haven’t taught her anything else, at least I have taught her how to CLEAN! In no way am I saying Jones is perfect, this was just a PERFECT moment for me, as a MOM. 

When I think of Mother’s it is hard not for me to think of Mary, and what an amazing Woman she must have been. She was chosen to bare the Savior of the World, the King of Kings, Prince of Peace. We as Mother’s sacrifice everyday from the second those babes are born, but Mary’s sacrifice started before her son was even here, she had to leave her home, her family, and her everyday familiarity, so that the Savior could be born in the right place and at the right time. How scared she must have felt, to have to Mother the son of God. I am sure in those moments of inadequacy, our Heavenly father and Heavenly Mother wrapped their arms around Mary, and told her she was not alone, that they loved her, and that they believed in her.

Their is nothing more comforting then the wrapped arms of a Mother holding her child, whether it is a brand new baby, wrapped up tightly comforted by the familiar smells and sounds of a mothers voice, or if it is a grown adult who is in complete despair, that only the touch of a mother could heal. When KoKo was a week old she was taken to the ER in an ambulance, Justin had to stay back with our other kids, while I went with Koko. I was in some sort of a fog as Dr’s and nurses were running around me, pricking, sticking, and doing so many other things to my tiny 3 pound baby at the time. Finally after they had stabilized KoKo a Dr came over to tell me their diagnosis. I sat there, trying to hold it together, and then one word stuck out to me as she said, WE ARE TREATING THIS AS INFECTION. This had great meaning to me, as I was hospitalized for the same reason five years previously. What I had was an infection that went septic, the mortality rate is 50% the reason it is so high is because of ELDERLY and INFANTS. I Immediately fell to the ground. I couldn’t feel my body, and I began to have what some may call a slight panic attack. My mom like all moms do, got there just in time for this conversation, picked me off the floor, wrapped her arms around me, and said the sweetest prayer in my ear. I was able to gain composure, calm down, and be able to be present for my baby, just like my mom had done for me those years ago, when she was told by the Dr. they didn’t think I would make it through the night. It is no surprise that in that moment My mom also had her mom their, and although I was clearly not coherent I know with out a doubt that my grandma put her arms around my mom, and comforted her the way my mom comforted me. 

A Peasant woman stood helpless when an eagle the largest of its kind, swooped down and carried her baby off to a high mountain a mountain that had never been climbed.  In desperation she ran through the town crying for help.  They all stood at the bottom of the mountain.  First one tried and failed, then another and another.  A deep silence fell over the crowd when all of a sudden a woman was seen scaling one cliff and then another until she reached the baby and held him in her arms.  Then she began the perilous journey down the mountain.  She reached the bottom with the baby safely in her arms.  Who was this courageous women that succeeded when everyone else failed.  She was the mother and she possessed the most dynamic power on earth.  A mother’s love.

There is no Love like that of a Mother, and like I said before no higher calling. How grateful I am to have had a mom who has not only been an amazing example of motherhood, but womanhood too. I love her with all my heart, she is my best friend, my confidant, and is continually teaching me in the exact way that I need to be taught. I am also so extremely grateful to be a mom, and a woman. I love my girls so much it hurts. They bring me pure joy and pure insanity all at the same time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would like to personally wish all the woman today a happy Mothers day. and Remind you once more of Elder Hollands words- 

YOU ARE DOING BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE!” I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.