Life Updates and Weekend Sales

Life Updates...

Christian: Beginning to study for his Dental boards and seeing some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Loves his boys more than anything, I will literally have a house full of wresting psychos in no time. Definitely the "funner" parent.

Kenzi: Beginning to feel like she has the three kid thing down (still would never enter a store with all three, if I can help it!). Wants to redecorate her whole house. Loves being busy...just needs to find more time to get everything done! Looks forward to her spin classes every week. 

Parks: I'm loving 5 years old. Parks is a great big brother...most of the time. He does like to antagonize Lux till he cries and I did catch him with his bum 2 inches from Banks face...but for the most part he loves them hard. He now knows all of his "numbers" which are letters (need to work on that.)

Lux: I'm gonna be straight here, Lux is bar none my hardest child at the moment. Anyone else struggle with the 2-3 year olds?! The tantrums, constant whining, and occasional accidents while out and about are OH SO FUN. However he does say the funniest things, loves a treat and a diet coke almost as much as this girl, and loves his mom more than anything!

Banks: Still an angel sent from above. He laughs harder than any baby I have ever seen. He still refuses to roll onto his tummy, then when I force it, he cries. He loves sweet potatoes, and hates peas. He can't fall asleep without being wrapped, yet I feel like he doesn't want to be wrapped...sticky situation.

Weekend Sales...

Crushing hard on these two Free People shirts that are on MAJOR under $35 sale! This lightweight sweater will be perfect for a spring night, when it's not too hot yet! This short sleeved Henley will be perfect for summer, shorter in the front than the back. 

I have started back at naturally I need some new work out get up! These Nike capri mesh leggings are a must. Crop tops are my favorite at the gym with high waisted leggings, this one is so cute and has a built in sports bra.

I bought these wedges (shown in the pictures on this post) 2 weeks ago and have worn them probably 10 out of the 14 days. They are not only amazingly comfortable...but go with everything. 

Rompers are my jam these days, they are comfortable, you only have to choose one item in your outfit that day, and really flattering in my opinion. Here are my favorites... and most of them under $30!