5 Things Children Teach Us

As I was watching my boys play in the backyard I thought to myself yep... kids have it all right. We should all try to be more like these little innocent people!



  • Does a toddler care what anyone thinks about them? Mine sure don't...unless they like the attention they get from everyone staring while they throw a massive tantrum in the middle of Costco! Or how about when they pick their nose during their preschool program...for everyone to see. I wish I could live my life a little more like this. Why do I care if other's think that I'm a good mom? Or if I breastfed long enough? Or what I look like when I walk out of the house! 


  • Easily Pleased. Kids don't care about the finer things, they can be pleased with some Mac N Cheese and "anything" animated on the T.V.. Or how about how a packaging box can be anything they want it to be, or how they can find bugs for hours (my kids favorite). They think they have it all at their fingertips!


  • A treat makes everything better. Seriously, Lux can be absolutely distraught about not being able to find his "Lightening McQueen" all I have to do is mention a fruit snack or Starburst and it's...What toy? Bring this girl a Diet Coke and a "treat" and I'm a happy camper as well!


  • Forgive and Forget. One boy throws a block at the other boys head, tears, yelling and hitting. Fast forward 5 minutes...best friends! I struggle with holding grudges, Need to be more like the kiddos and LET IT GO!


  • Unconditional Love... The icing on the cake. No matter what I do, how many times I say no, or if I let them have a toy at Target, at the end of the day they ALWAYS love me!