Update on my People & Spring Fashion Favorites!

 Life has been crazy the past few weeks, but things are calming down and getting back to normal! My people have passed a cold around for the 500th time it seems like! Frankie is the last to have it, so hoping we are on the mend! 

Jonesy is doing much better since she has had her tonsils out, which has been amazing! She seems like a new person. She is still obsessed with picking out her own outfits her new fave is a Troll Poppy shirt, with jeans, and if l would let her she would wear it every single day. 

Frankie is kinda taking on the roll of the more dominant twin in the last few weeks, I'm not sure if that is because she is feeling super confident with her walking skills or what, but it seems it can change on a dime so don't be surprised if next week she is not the bossy one! She also has started talking like Jonesy did as a baby, she looks at you and babbles on about nothing, but totally acts like she is saying something. Oh and my favorite thing about her is when she walks she always has her hands looking like raptor arms! 

KoKo is quietly naughty, today while I turned my back for one second she climbed onto the chair, then to the table, and was attempting to get on the counter. We have switcher her to Almond milk, because I am pretty sure she has a little dairy allergy, and it seems to be doing really well with her. She just barely started walking like full on, and she is still very drunken sailor like and I love it! 

Justin just finished spring break and it was so good to have him home for a little bit! He is once again back at it! 

My big thing and by big thing I mean very small thing, is I am really trying to go to spin three times a week. I don't think in anyway it does anything for my body going that little, it is really more for my mental sanity. I love going and it is the perfect escape for 45 min. Thats a wrap on our fam! 

My Spring Fashion Favs!

This Henley Top is the perfect basic for summer! 

I want these Platforms in all THREE colors!

This MAXI DRESS may not come off my body this spring/summer perfect momiform!

These Blazers are the perfect addition over a cute tank or dress for this season! 

This BLACK TOP is only 20 dollars!

These RINGS are my weakness right now.

These are a good pair of distressed, very reasonably priced JEANS!

My go to long JEAN SHORTS

A freaking cute Graphic Tee, to wear when all else fails!