Something you may not know: Accident Prone

So.... Since we have had the blog, we have periodically told you guys some interesting facts about ourselves. Today I am going to tell you another interesting thing about myself.... I am extremely ACCIDENT PRONE! I mean if it is going to happen it happens to me.... Here are all the special accidents I have had in my life! 

1. When I was 2 years old I jumped off my mom's jacuzzi tub in her bathroom, backwards, and when I came down I knocked my two front teeth out of my mouth.

2. When I was 9 I was on a trampoline, another girl double bounced me, I went up and when I came down the other girls knee landed in my mouth, I ended up breaking my jaw, and knocking my four front bottom teeth out. Still to this day I have a flipper for one of my bottom teeth! 

3. In under a year when I was 12 I broke my foot three times, it went left foot, right foot, left foot. The first one I was a flyer in cheer, I was going up in a stunt, but when I got up the coaches screamed at us, because we were just supposed to be marking, so my bases kinda just dropped me which lead to me breaking my ankle in the growth plate in two places and having a cast up to my thigh for six months. I got that cast of and two weeks later I broke my other foot while riding my razor. Then a few months later I was playing sardines with my family, I was running up the stairs and tripped and broke the left foot again! Yes this was a crazy year and I'm pretty sure my mom was probably very done on me! 

4. When I was in high school I was a nanny, I was out in the garage putting something away, while doing this I jammed my finger, it hurt pretty bad so I went in to take some ibuprofen. I then sat down, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor with a busted open lip from passing out head first on the tile! Luckily this time all the teeth stayed in tack! 

5. A month after I was married I had an infection that went septic, which landed me in the hospital for 10 days.

6. I was at a boot camp class about two years ago, walking on the sidewalk, not doing anything pertaining to the class, and randomly tripped and broke my foot again!

7.  A year ago I was sitting down in church and I missed the bench and instead sat down on the wooden armrest, it went right up my you know what and I shattered my tailbone! 

Anyone who knows me, always says JayCee is accident prone and has the weirdest things happen to me, which I do, but I also have some pretty amazing things happen to me too, that will have to be for another day! Today was just a bunch of accident prone type weird stuff that hopefully lets you know a little bit more about me!