BumpDate: 32 Weeks

Less than two months before baby boy makes his appearance...how is that possible? Time has flown by, I really can't believe I will be a mother of three in no time. I watch my boys with JayCee's twins every day and can't wait for them to be able to have their own baby brother. 

How am I feeling: Honestly just in the last couple days I have started to be a little uncomfortable. Sleeping is becoming a little harder and getting up off the ground...no chance! Once I am down...I am down!

Have you been nesting: This past weekend Christian and I cleaned out all of our boys clothes. Now I know what I need more of. We have re-wallpapered the nursery and set up a couple things. 

Name: We have not chosen a name, we have a couple that we are liking, but nothing set in stone. I am pretty picky when it comes to names, I like different unique names so it takes me a long time to set one in stone.

Baby: Baby is measuring big, as all of my boys have. He moves constantly, much more than my other two babies did. He hates when I lay on my back, and loves listening to his brothers kiss and dote on him. My stomach is huge, people ask me on the regular if  I am due any day. I can't believe I have two more months... let's see how big this belly can get!

Pregnancy is a blessing and I am thankful every day that I get to have this baby boy for my own.



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