5 Fears I Have with having Baby Number 3

I always knew I would have more than two children, I actually plan on having four...we will see if i get there! However, every one has told me that your third can sometimes do you in! Here are a couple reasons why I am a little nervous...

1. I think the biggest and most obvious reason is...outnumbered! Right now I can take one and so can Christian. Even if both boys are completely out of control, I have my right hand guy to help me out. Now let's be honest, most of the day just consists of me, but I will tell you that very few times are both children upset...luckily! With three though...totally outnumbered and now more of a possibility that two will be losing it at the same time.

2. How will I evenly distribute my time between them all? I worried about this with two actually a lot. I feel as though I have figured out how to do it...not perfectly, but try. With Parks in school, I have those 3 hours to bond with Lux. On the other hand while Lux naps, I can spend time with Parks. Now I have three to divide my time with. I know most women complain about waking up in the middle of the night to feed, but for me it's my time to bond with baby, and thats what I intend to do. 

3. Juggling my busy life. I already am pretty busy with work, blog, and mom. Throw one more in there...i'll be fine right? Being extremely organized will have to be my new motto. 

4. Will my fear of not being an adequate mom come into play? I always worry that as a working mom I may not be doing the best that I can as a mom. I have made it work for me with two so far. I hope that I will be able to figure out sooner than later how to handle this. I feel that when I am busy and working, I actually am a better mom. I feel self worth and productivity. 

5. Lastly, and in all seriousness, will my baby survive my other two boys??? My boys are very aggressive...in the nicest way. They have learned that wrestling and teasing is the most fun. One minute they are laughing their heads off, the next they are balling. Here's to hoping they know baby brother is fragile and delicate, and not a punching bag!