Overalls on Repeat

My life has been a little crazy, and it is going to stay a little crazy for the next few weeks! We headed to Utah on Thursday, for one of our dear friends funerals. It was so heartbreaking, but so glad we were able to go, and so thankful my mom kept the twins! We literally went up Thursday nigh,t and were home Saturday afternoon, so to not have to take the twins, was a huge help. I got home on Saturday, unpacked our bags, but I will be repacking them again this week, as we are leaving again on Thursday, for Justin's cousins wedding. This time the whole gang is going! So needless to say I have been doing laundry all day to prepare for this weeks coming trip. Also Jones starts back up school this week, which is extremely exciting for me and her! She is going three days a week this year, and she is totally pumped because her and Parks are going to be in the same class. Life is good, but very busy! Most of the time I love it that way, but even sometimes and old chicken gets sick of running around with her head cut off! Hopefully after this week things will slow down, but until then I will continue to be the headless chicken! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! I know I will laundry on repeat, while trying to think of what the heck I am going to wear to this wedding!