Johnson's Products Mom Hacks

This Johnson's products post was sponsored by Johnson's® however all opinions are 100% my own.

I have partnered with Johnson's® to share with you a few "Mom Hacks," I have learned over the past year since having my twins! First off let me tell you even since having Jonesy, I have always used Johnson's products, I absolutely love them, not only for the AMAZING smells, but more importantly for how gentle they have been on all my babies sensitive skin! When I had one baby I still had a good amount of time to get ready after getting them ready, now having three, two of them being babies, things have changed! So here are my "Mom Hacks" that I feel are game changers, in this whole thing we call MOM LIFE! 

 When going to the store I never remember to get body wash for myself or lotion for that matter, but for some reason I never forget when my girls products are empty. I quickly learned that's ok though, because they didn't mind sharing with their mom! At first I didn't even realize I was "using" their stuff, but it gradually became more of just a habit. Everyone got the same routine when getting out of the tub...and soon so did mom.  After bathing the twins I always lather them with Johnson's® baby lotion, I subconsciously would rub it on my hands and arms when done. Not only does this save me time later from having to put on my own lotion, it also leaves my hands and my dry elbows feeling moisturized in this not so friendly desert I live in. 

This might be my favorite thing to do as a busy, tired mom. At night when all my children are fast asleep, I sneak into my bathroom, turn off the lights, light a candle, draw me a hot bath, and pump some Johnson's® Baby Bedtime Bath into the water. It is infused with lavender and chamomile, it is both relaxing and calming. This is exactly what I need sometimes after chasing three kids all day! Not to mention the smell leaves your skin smelling divine and feeling amazing.

I have loved using Johnson's products on my babies, and now myself as well!