Twins First Birthday



Dear Frankie and KoKo, 

Today is your first birthday! Hip Hip Hooray! Something you don't know about your mom quite yet, is that I am not the most emotional person, but I said to your Noni, aka my mom, a few weeks ago, "I might CRY on the twins first birthday..." Probably not for the reasons most moms cry on their kids first birthday, like oh my gosh my baby is one, or they are growing up so fast, more like HOLY CRAP we SURVIVED! Girls please don't take any offense by that, and I know you won't, because when you have your first baby, you will completely understand what I mean by that, until then you will just have to take my word for it. 

It goes without saying that you two, truly changed my life forever, you officially gave me the title of a "TWIN MOM!" Which is quite a magical, wonderful, crazy, and insane title. It has allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing people, and has been the door to many wonderful conversations with people who I probably would have never spoken to, if it were not for you two coming down at the same time. 

When I first found out I was going to have two babies, I cannot lie, I secretly wished at least one was a boy, just kinda, so I could check mark that off. That too is something you will understand when you are having kids, but now looking back I wouldn't have it any other way. You two were the greatest gift not only to me, but to your big sister. I have never seen such love that she had for you both instantaneously. Every morning when you two wake up she is the first to bust through your door, flip on the light, and tell you both "GOOD MORNING TWINERS!" I know as you both continue to grow up that bond will only grow stronger, and that you three will be life long friends, sister's, and confidants just as Aunt Kenzi is to me. What a generous gift a sister is, trust me I know, don't ever take it for granted. Cherish that relationship, nourish it, and continue to let it grow, their will be times when you want to pull each others hair out, but know that you will always be sister's and that is all that matters. 

I also had fears of having twins, for more than one reason, but one that weighed heavily on my mind was the competition that can come from being a twin, and the comparing. I want you to know that I know that you are two separate beings and individuals,  but at the same time that you were special, and came at the same time, and with that you have something that sets you apart from most people. You have an everlasting best friend, a person to go to the first day of school with, graduate with, and so many other things that most the world has to do on their own. Take advantage of that. It is your gift! You may have to share a lot, but I promise the outcome, out weighs anything you have to share along the way. With that said, know that I will constantly be trying to raise you both the way that you need to be raised in your own special way, but again I will love you both unconditionally forever and ever! Thats the best part of being a mom the love you have for your children is so strong, that sometimes it hurts. Again something we will discuss more when you first have babies of your own! 

In just one short and extremely long year, depending on what day you ask me, you two, and me have been through a lot! First of all I birthed you, which was so miraculous, I couldn't put it into words if I tried. Then after one week, KoKo went to the hospital, because she stopped breathing. This was the scariest, most frightening thing that has ever happened to me. It was hard, because there were two of you, and you were only a week old, I was so torn with where should I be, with the help from Dad, Grandmas, Grandpas, aunts and uncles we made it work, but let me tell you it was not FUN! We had our first family trip of five, and drove all the way to Idaho to Uncle Carter's graduation. You were amazing and didn't make a peep the whole way their. It was followed by a very busy summer, where again you both were pretty good troopers. Including, beach house in Cali, Motorhome trip to Wyoming, Lake house in Pine view, and ended it with cousin Devin's wedding in Utah. After that it was all about the Holidays, which seem to fly by! I can't lie I was pretty lame for Halloween this year, but like Noni says, "I get a pass for one year" and then I better be back on my A game, well clearly that year is up, so I better shape up! We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas which were both wonderful! We started a New Year 2018 and 8 days later it is your birthday! 

I love you both so much! I don't know why I get to be so lucky to get to have two babies, with two wonderfully different personalities that both melt my heart in separate ways. Frankie with her stiff legs and flexed feet, excited snorting, and the ability to make me laugh with just about any facial expression you do! KoKo with your tender heart, amazing two bottom teeth, and your laid back personality, which is so refreshing in this family! I am the luckiest girl/mom that I get to be on this amazing journey with you two with the title TWIN MOM! All because of you two angels that decided to come at the same time! May you know that my Love for you is never ending, feel comfortable enough to tell me anything as you grow up, and know that it doesn't matter you will both always be MY GIRL'S, MY TWINNER'S, and my two newest life long BEST FRIENDS a girl could have a DAUGHTER. 

Happy First Birthday my sweet girls! May this year be just as exciting for you two as the last one! Filled with more adventure and unconditional LOVE from not only yours truly, aka your MOM, but from so many around you who LOVE and support you as if you were their own. I love you girls!