Holiday Traditions

It's no secret, the holidays are my favorite! Since I was a little girl I looked forward to the month of December all year long. Holiday traditions are at the top of my list! Here are a couple of my favorite Holiday some of yours!

1. Putting up the Christmas decorations while listening to Christmas music and eating peppermint chocolate and drinking Martinelli's! 

2. We wrap 24 Christmas books, each night in the month of December our boys get to open one book a night and we read it to them before they go to bed.

3. Making and decorating sugar cookies.

4. Making gingerbread houses, then having a family competition on whose is the best!

5. Get in the car with cookies and your favorite around and look at Christmas lights. My kids favorite!

6. Going skiing on Christmas Day!

7. Every year we choose a family in need and buy Christmas for them, we then take the wrapped gifts to the family. It truly is the best gift to watch how thankful they are.

8. On Christmas Eve our kids get to open one gift and every year it's their Christmas pajamas.

9. White Elephant Party with friends and family!

10. Some Christmas mornings we would have a treasure hunt leading us to a larger Christmas gift, these may be the Christmas's I remember the most!


What about you? What are your top 3 Holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments below!