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You know you have a three-nager when...

  1. Your child insists they can wipe their own bum, then two hours later they cry to you that they need "cream" on it.
  2. They tell you they are totally old enough not to be in a stroller, yet you are constantly turning around telling them to hurry the freak up!
  3. She insists on you buying her something in the store, yet the only thing that will do is the hideous "Tweetie Bird" shirt with pink glitter all over it.
  4. The only way you can slyly do their hair is by tricking them into watching a show and then doing the fastest gel job you have ever seen, just that in hopes when they sit up its not looking like Jimmy Neutron.
  5. He insists that he can use a "big boy" cup, 5 minutes later you have milk anywhere but in that cup.
  6. Your 30b child all of a sudden feels like a 75 lb child when trying to tackle them into their carseat.
  7. The common remark of "Mom just go hang out with your friends or something" comes out of their mouth when they are ever doing anything slightly suspicious.
  8. Your whole house can be turned upside down within minutes. (My favorite...unmaking the bed :))
  9. Your child can make you laugh till you cry, then cry till you laugh.
  10. A tantrum is just simply another check mark on the to-do list. (You let me know when your done honey)
  11. Your daughter tells you (the mother) to go on a time-out for not giving her the entire box of Oreos, instead of 3.
  12. He absolutely hates your guts one minute, then is loving you unconditionally the next.

Let's be honest...three-year-olds are HARD!  Parks is as "boy" as they come.  He hits, bites, yells, and can throw a tantrum like no ones biz!  Jonesy is the apidimi of a "drama queen" she can make the smallest problem seem like the world is ending.  However after that tantrum they can be the sweetest angel in the world, how can you resist that tender sorry, followed by a kiss on the cheek!  Talk about going from 0-60 :)

Here's to laughing a bit more...and crying a bit less! hehe

On the bright side...It may be my most fun age yet to dress.  When they turn 2-3 you can start dressing them like well "little adults" and I love it.  Outfit details below...


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