Workout clothes

You guys! I have never been committed to working out in my whole life.... Then finally in September, I started going to a boot camp class, religiously, twice a week. I know what you are thinking, twice a week, not that impressive, but for me it was huge! It had become part of my routine, and I truly looked forward to going! It was the perfect little get away, that I got to go do with my sister, mom, and other girl friends. Some true ME TIME! So my cute husband, being so supportive in this new hobby, decided to buy me cute work out clothes for Christmas. Unfortunately, like you already know, I ended up breaking my foot at my Boot Camp class! No surprise there, I am the biggest clutz there is known to man. I am healing nicely, and have every intention to continue to work out once I get this CAST OFF! Until then I will just wear them around the town because they are so comfortable and trust me that is what I need with this cast! These Zella pants are truly a dream though! Love how thick they are and how secure I feel in them! Hope you all have a fabulous Friday I know I'm going to! TGIF! Xoxo,


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