Gypsy Junkies

unspecified-67 unspecified-68 unspecified-69 unspecified-71 unspecified-72 unspecified-73 unspecified-74 unspecified-75 unspecified-76 Sometimes accessories are the most important part of an outfit.  In my post today I teamed up with Gypsy Junkies to promote some of their amazing jewelry!  I am really into stacking my bracelets and arm candy lately, and Gypsy Junkies made that so easy for me.  I literally put everything on one arm and went with it.  Hey in my book...ANYTHING GOES!  I love to mix some chunky with some more narrow bracelets to add some variety.  Now on to my next obsession... CHOKERS.  I believe I use to wear them back in the 8th grade, and I am so glad they are making a come back.  You can really wear a choker with just about anything, except a turtleneck :).  Black leather pants, love them or hate them?  It's a love for can dress them down like I did hear with a simple cream long sleeve shirt and plaid shirt tied around my waist, or dress them up with a sweater and a pretty necklace.  I have posted a few more of my favorites below! Hope your having an amazing day...Ps. tomorrow is the weekend!!


Shirt $9.00

Pants $14.00

Plaid Shirt Similar

Shoes 50% off

Bracelets here & here