We meet again...

It's been awhile so we decided to introduce ourselves again.  We here at lifeofasister are not only sisters, but best friends.  We are blessed to be able to live by each other, spend time together and do something we love together.  We started this blog to share our passion for fashion, our family and everything in between.  We hope to be able to show others how you can dress and be a mom all at the same time, while feeling better about yourself.  If you are new to our blog, we hope you find something you are looking for... if not... we hope you still enjoy coming back! Sister’s, never were there such DEVOTED SISTER’S. We feel as though we are the luckiest girls in the world to live down the street from one another. There is nothing better than a built in best friend, and we’ve lived this to the fullest! Together we want to show you our passion for the three F’s: our families, fashion, and food. Although we agree on so many things such as diet coke is better with ice, cherries, and a little coconut, we feel as though we are two individual personalities striving to better ourselves on this crazy journey we call LIFE .

KENZI- One of the most self sufficient determined people I know. She is a Mother to two boys with some of the most charismatic personalities. She is constantly entertained by the hilarious things her two year old Parks says and does, while completely enjoying the ease and contentment of her newborn Lux. Kenzi has a degree in elementary education and enjoyed teaching for five years. She is now a stay at home mom and feels busier now than when she worked full time, she wouldn’t have it any other way as she gets to enjoy and watch her boys grow and develop. Kenzi like so many of us girls enjoys the simple things in life, date night with her hubby, diet coke on the flow, and of course shopping whenever time permits. She has an eye for putting things together that most couldn’t even imagine. Her motto in life is heels are better than flats, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

JAYCEE- One of the funniest, hardworking girls I know. She is a mommy to one hilarious, sassy 2 year old girl. She lives eats and breaths her, she is her favorite person and the love she shows her baby isn’t comparable! JayCee is a cosmetologist specializing in hair and eyelash extensions since 2008. JayCee has a passion for food that no one can deny, she knows exactly what she likes and and how she likes it, it’s actually fascinating to watch her make a sandwich/hamburger! Family is her favorite thing in the world, and she would do truly do anything for anyone she loves. JayCee enjoys her quiet nights after Jonesy has gone to bed to relax, watch her “shows” with husband, and eat some treats while sipping on her Diet Coke.


Kenzi & JayCee


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Photos by: Christine Olson Photography