Grey Dress

Being that I am in a cast these days, makes my whole picking out an outfit a little more difficult!  So dresses have become my new go to!  This particular dress was a gift from my hubby for Christmas, little did he know I would be in a cast 2 weeks later.  The dress is another great find from Zara...if you haven't checked out their winter sale... do it!!  Things are going fast!  Wrapping a plaid button up around anything adds a little layering and style to just about anything.  Happy Monday... here's to hoping I get this cast off sooner than later! XoXounspecified-50 unspecified-41

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dress (Zara, no longer sold)

shirt (Harper Trends)

necklace (Urban outfitters, in store only)


sunglasses (Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom Rack)



Photos by: Christine Olson Photography