Shabby Apple dress

Did anyone else watch Bachelor last night? Well I sure did, I cuddled right up with a bag of popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I still can't get over the fact that Ben cried multiple times... Not quite sure what my feelings are on that, but I'll tell you one thing they never disappoint with the entertainment! I'm loving this season of the bachelor almost as much as I'm loving this Shabby Apple dress!! I mean talk about the most comfortable dress ever! It feels like butter and it's the perfect length too, I totally can still bend over, pick up, and chase Jones everywhere, while feeling comfortable all at the same time! This to me is a slam dunk.  This hat is my new go to... I seem to think it goes with everything which it probably doesn't, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing it with anything and everything! I pray our week will go by quickly so that we can all get back to our Monday night Bachelor, cuddled up with whatever and whoever by your side! Till then we will just have to wait,  maybe pass the time with SHOPPING, whatever it is I hope it keeps your Bachelor withdrawls in control! Xoxo


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