Tassel Sweater

unspecified-95 unspecified-96 unspecified-98 unspecified-99 unspecified-101   unspecified-104  unspecified-106 unspecified-107 unspecified-108 unspecified-109 unspecified-110 unspecified-111 It's Monday... most people hate Mondays, I actually kind of like them.  It's a new fresh week that I can hope to make the best of!  Today I am talking all about how to look like I got ready, when I didn't really do so, haha!  First and foremost, if I am ever running late and still want to look some what presentable, I always go for a hat or beanie, no one knows what lies beneath that hat except me, 6-7 days of unwashed hair!  I also find that choosing a top that speaks for itself is easier because then I don't have to pick anything else to go with it, as far as accessories go.  Like this cream fringe sweater that I had to have when I saw it in the store, definitely speaks for itself, if I put a necklace or scarf on with this, it might be too much.  Lastly, I grab my closest pair of pants that don't resemble sweats and I am out the door.  Not to mention that my lash extensions help immensely!  I can really put no make up on at all and look like I kind of tried :).  If I add some lipstick while stopped at a stop light, the final touches are done!  Hope all of your Monday's are better than the last.




Yellow Diaper Bag c/o Coco&Kiwi

Pom Beanie c/o Burlaps to Cashmere