Mom Outings with the Kiddos in the Summer


Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Though every mom may not admit it, most moms are thinking it! What are we going to do ALL SUMMER. Summer is great, less structure, more vacations and more TIME. I have jotted and listed as many things as I could think of...hope this helps somebody!

  1. So simple, yet my family loves it, a simple family walk at night when it cools down. We are so lucky to have a huge family friendly park across from our neighborhood. There is a small lake where the kids love to feed the ducks, a large walking path, and grassy areas to play whatever ball we happen to have brought that day. I'm always looking for easy, this EvenfloMinno Twin Umbrella stroller is perfect to snap open when we are on the go.
  2. A trip to your local children's museum. In Las Vegas it can be SUPER hot, so we look for things we can do inside as well. Our Las Vegas children's museum is amazing, 3 stories high! Sometimes we can't even make it to every floor.
  3. Swimming...of course! We try to hop to different pool every so often. Make it new and exciting for the kids. We have a community pool and my parents pool in their backyard. Don't get me wrong, my kids love any pool, but sometimes I feel like they get sick of the same thing. We try to mix it up by going to some casino pools, or friends pools. Anything helps!
  4. Water Parks, we have two of them near us and I plan on going to both of them a couple times this summer! If you go 3 times you might as well buy a season pass!
  5. Drive up the mountain or somewhere near you where there is a camp site to either camp, or even just visit. Do tin foil dinners and roast mallows! Our kids love going up to Mt. Charleston because we have no green around us, but there it is green and full of trees. Not to mention it drops like 20-30 degrees!
  6. Indoor parks, it's a real thing here in Vegas and our kids LOVE them. It's like a whole playground with tubes and slides and ball pits inside. You can even bring your own lunch to our favorite one here in town. JayCee and I pack a lunch and take the kids and work while they are there!
  7. Splash pads, these are a great way to get outside but not have to pack your whole kit and caboodle like you do for the pool.
  8. MOVIE! At our local theaters you can go on Tuesday for $5!
  9. The library is a go to for us as well. On certain days they will even do a book reading, or have a special guest. Plus my kids love to look at all the books and then maybe take some home...if I promise myself i'll return them!
  10. Local rec centers are great as well. We are so lucky to have so many around us with great pools, climbing walls and other activities inside.

As you can see, I "think" I am prepared for summer...only time will tell!




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