Bath Time Routine with Twins


This post is sponsored by JOHNSON'S. All opinions are my own. 

Every morning and night our day starts and finishes with the exact same thing - bath time! I Love these sweet girls, but they are a little on the stinky side, so they require 2 baths a day, with a scrub in all the cracks and crevasses! My bath time essentials are JOHNSON'S Products! They smell good and are easy on my littles skin! As with everything with twins this process takes twice the time as well, but we have it down to a pretty good system! It's not every day that both me and my husband are available to help, but let me tell you when we are it goes a whole lot smoother! The JOHNSON'S products I am using in this bath time routine are a limited edition packaging available at Target, in-store only! If you're like me you will take any excuse to say "I have to go to TARGET!"

1. First we undress our little monkeys!

2. We changes their dirty diapers.

3. I have my little helper turn on the water.

4. I then have to check temp. to make sure it is just right. We only fill it a few inches.

5. Time to kick, play, soak, and enjoy!

6. Lather up with our favorite JOHNSON'S head-to-toe baby wash!

7. Let the scrubbing begin!

8. A thorough scrub behind the ears, and under the neck.... This is where the most spit up build up gets!

9. Dry off in a warm towel, and do the hand off, if we are both there. If not gently set them on the floor.

10. Lastly their favorite part, a little massage with JOHNSON'S head-to-toe baby lotion! They love it and it smells amazing!

I have said this many times before, with twins I have had to learn to be way m0re organized, and super schedule oriented. Having the same start and finish to our day, has just made things seem to move smoother. I feel like the girls love this time, and so do I, as it relaxes all three of us. It gives me a moment to really look at them, talk with them, and bond, as these times with twins are much fewer than with one, I have to take them when I can!