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My home is seriously nothing special what so ever, but I did it all myself, and it makes me happy!  Slowly but surly I will turn this house in to a home.  We have a four bedroom home, Master, Parks room, Lux room and a Lash/guest room.  When I started blogging a lot I decided I needed an office space that I could call my own.  We have a fairly decent size master so I decided to add my small office nook there.  It's not much, but I love it!

Being that my husband is in dental school, I always have to be on a budget as far as decorating.  You would be amazed where you can find some awesome things, for an awesome price!  Yes I have to dig long and hard, but I eventually find what I want in the West Elm, or Restoration Hardware magazine, for a quarter of the price!

The key to West Elm is get it while it's on sale!  And ps. they literally have a whole store 20% off sale, 20 out of the 30 days a month.  Never by anything there full price!  And if your a get 15% off with any purchase!

Home there any better place in the world?  If you have one near you, consider yourself blessed!  You can find anything there for great prices.  Yes, it's hit and miss but if you go enough you can find what your looking for.

Joss & Main is another great place to look for unique and fun items at a much better price!  I can look on this site for days!

Target, Let's be honest sometimes I am there twice a week, so I know everything there and I know it ALL usually goes on sale! Wait for the sale!  And try not to order online from here because their sales in the store are WAY better.

Here is my master...if this is something our readers like, who knows maybe I will take a tour of the whole house! :)




Office Space

Desk- Home Goods

Chair- West Elm

Rug- West Elm

Painting- Home Goods

Magnetic Board- Home Goods

Lamp- Home Goods

Picture Frames- IKEA

Clock- Home Goods



Bed- Joss & Main

Large Pillows- West Elm (old)

Comforter- Target

Fluffy Pillow- West Elm

Night Stands- Target

Lamps- Home Goods (old)

Wallpaper- Hygge & West [show_shopthepost_widget id="2046791"]