I know I'm Pregnant with Twins because...

_mg_7397 _mg_7398 _mg_7399 _mg_7404 _mg_7406 _mg_7407 _mg_7413 _mg_7432 _mg_7433 _mg_7441 _mg_7444 A few things that remind me I'm pregnant with TWINS everyday....

  1. There is a literal Circus going on in my stomach. I mean seriously guys, the two girls are moving 24/7! They never stop! If one starts the other jumps on real quick! We are in full motion all the Time!
  2. I already can't breathe while laying on my back, but lets be honest I really can't breathe ever because Baby B has decided to make my rib cage her home since I was 18 weeks and she is very comfortable there.
  3. I go to the bathroom more than any other daily task. Literally if I even see water I feel like I have to go, that could have to do with the fact that Baby A has decided to make her home on my bladder, and she too is very comfortable there.
  4. I can't sleep.
  5. I feel like I spend more time at the Dr. then I do at home, and Jonesy thinks she owns the place when she walks in, like it is home away from home.
  6. I've waddle like I'm  91/2 months pregnant since I was 5 months.
  7. I don't buy any clothes, because every time I think something is cute, I go to find two in the same size, and weirdly enough that is kinda impossible.
  8. My pregnancy is flying by, at my 25 week check up, my Dr. said, "Now just so you know after 30 weeks at any given moment I could send you to hospital to deliver that dynamic duo." and I kinda panicked, because I really haven't prepared.
  9. I can't stop thinking are they going to look so much alike that I'm going to get them mixed up??? And how do I choose what to name which one???
  10. I constantly fill the mix of I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and yet I'm pretty sure the next three years of my life are going to be insane, but I'm still so excited that I get to hold two babies in just a few short months and they are going to be mine for eternity! Twins!! It is still shocking, and such a miracle at the same time! Starting to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and all the while such Joy that I got chosen to bring these sweet munchkins into this world! here are a few pics of our girls from our last high risk ultra sound!


Baby B's profile


Baby A's Face and Foot







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