Little Rue Market that not what every child's first thought is when you walk into any store?  My child immediately wants to go to the toy section, and then insists he needs a new toy every time!  Toys are actually so important in a childs life, that's why I like to buy toys that I know are durable and helps with learning and developing.  We are so excited to team up with Little Rue Market and showcase some of their amazing toys. unspecified-730 unspecified-725 unspecified-724

The first toy we reviewed was the Dinosaur Animal Kit, my boys were in heaven!  Parks loves dinosaur anything, and not only could he jump and run around the house acting like one and playing make believe, you can also assemble and dessemble all of the pieces.  Parks loves puzzles and I feel they are so important for little ones fine motor skills.

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We also reviewed this adorable Kaloo Rouge Rabbit.  Jonesy is drawn to anything that she can cuddle with, and this bunny was just that!  The fabric/faux fur that this rabbit was made of was like butter.  Even I wanted to pet the bunny for awhile! :)  Little companions like this are so important for children, Jonesy is always carrying some sort of baby or stuffed animal, and this little guy is a new favorite pick of hers.

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Lastly we received the Baby Forest Fox Stacker, is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?! First of all I love any toy that is made of wood...they just last SO much longer.  Lux loves nothing more than stacking...anything!  Whether it be cups, blocks or food of some sort hehe. He was immediately drawn to this little fox and was so curious to see how he could fit those little rings back around that wooden stick.  These type of toys are great for learning and especially fine motor skills, especially for the younger aged children.


We were so pleased with everything we received and love supporting local shops just like Little Rue Market!



Kenzi & JayCee