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As a busy mom who works and runs a regular day to day life sometimes it can be hard to make sure I spend "quality time" and connect with my children.  This might sound crazy seems how there are 24 hours in a day, however if you break it down it can seem so short!  As I watch and learn from other moms I have come to realize how important quality time is with my children.  My boys are very different and want different types of attention.  Here are some ways that I have learned to help me connect with my boys.

  1. Individual Time- Right now I am lucky and this comes easy for me.  When Parks goes to school Lux and I have a couple hours to ourselves.  I am not going to say I sit on the floor and babble with him for three hours...I am not super mom by ANY means.  Whether it be just him and I running to Target, he gets to have his OWN Slurpee with out his brother ripping it out of his hands!  Reading books is one of his favorite things to do, nothing makes my mommy heart skip a beat more than when he wobbles over to me with and book and that look on his face, I just melt.  On the other hand, Lux naps every day.  During this time Parks and I get individual one on one time.  Lately it consists of a lot of role play...I die laughing at the things he says.  Their little imaginations are so creative, sometimes (ok a lot of times) I don't want to be the "fun mom," but then I realize all the hilarious things I would miss that Parks says or does.  The older they get, I feel the more important it is to be involved.
  2. Dinner Together- My mom once told me she read a study that said "children who sit down and eat dinner with their family are less likely to get into trouble."  You know what...I believe it!  Coming from a family who always sat together for dinner, I realize how important that time was for me.  With three other very busy siblings it was a challenge to get us all in the same place at the same time.  Dinner was that one time of day where I knew that that would happen.  Our parents asked us about our day at school, our friends, what we were doing that weekend and we never thought anything of it.  It was a normal conversation for us, and I loved it.  I want my children to be as open and willing to talk about their day as well.
  3. Be Involved- What do you children like to do?  Do it with them!  Parks loves to cook, paint, build, and play outside.  I try to make an effort to do at least one of those things with him each day.  When I am involved in what he is doing, building, or making for that matter he is SO much happier.
  4. Screen Time- We all do it, totally guilty over here!  With that said, if I limit myself and my children to a certain amount of time a day, we are all happier.  When my face is glued to my phone, I can't connect with my children.  Same goes for when my children's faces are glued to a show or game.  Yes everyone needs some quiet time once in awhile, but limit yourself!
  5. Family Time- Nothing makes me happier than when I am with my family doing...anything.  Family time is so important.  With a husband in dental school, sometimes this can be harder than it should, so we don't take any time for granted.  Our family loves to be outside (with two crazy boys...they need it!)  So as a family we find things to do outside together.  I'm talking something as simple as a walk, a family bike ride, late night swim, or sitting in the backyard roasting marshmallows, that's what makes our family happy!

Connecting with your children is so important, do whatever works for you!


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