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Yes, you read that title right...I attempted the heels and socks trend.  I'm not going to lie I was real nervous, a little out of my comfort zone!  However every time I saw someone rocking them on Pinterest or in a magazine, I thought to myself what do you have to lose?  A lot I suppose haha.  For me it was all about the perfect heel with the just right height of sock.  Now this was hard to find...If you follow me regularly you know these cheetah heels are a go to for me, the socks on the other hand were much harder to find surprisingly.

FYI this dress in under $20...

Any who, my point is... never feel nervous to wear something.  I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, oh I could never wear some of the clothes you wear.  I'm never quite sure how to take that comment? Are they saying that because I look like a freak? Maybe, but I don't really care!  Be confident in what you wear and no one will care. :)

Cheers to it almost being the weekend...what's your fall plans???


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