Black and White

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Boots - Windsor

Hey guys!

So in between the crazy of being  pregnant with twins and moving I still snuck in a little girls getaway! Let me be honest here, I'm using the term getaway lightly, it was more like a Friday night, where I got some Grimaldis, and then shopped at the fashion show, but let me tell you it was amazing! All of our besties from BYU Idaho did a little reunion here in Las Vegas and it was so fun to catch up with all of them! So amazing to see where they have all ended up, and where there lives had lead them! So after I inhaled my Grimaldis I went straight for Zara! It was quite thrilling being there with no child! Right when I walked in I picked up this black romper, and let me tell you it did not disappoint, along with a few other things I picked up while I was there! I am totally loving the black and white trend right now and feel like I am constantly being gravitated towards it! Hope you are all having an amazing week Happy Hump Day!!



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