Cara Loren

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How was everyone's weekend? Mine was just fabulous! Me and Jones got to go to my brother's state lacrosse game, they lost, so that was a super bummer, but always still fun to watch him play! I seriously am going to miss going to the games next year! I can't believe he is graduating! So crazy!! Saturday night me and Just did a little date night to go see the Captain America movie. It was pretty good, but we all left feeling like all movies are kinda turning into the same lately... Still entertaining, no kid to take care of, and an endless bucket of popcorn & DC at my fingertips. In other words I was happy as a clam. It's back to the grind though, and feeling like I need to kick it into high gear! May and June are always such crazy months for us because we celebrate all of our birthdays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day so pretty much it feels like we celebrate Christmas twice a year! It's so fun, but super busy which I love, just have to stay on top of things!

When me and Kenz decided to start our blog, of course there were so many bloggers who we loved, and inspired us! One of them in particular was Cara Loren. We loved her style, her unbelievable hair, and of course we fell in love with those adorable boys! She truly is inspiring though, she has built an entire business with her own two hands, and now she has created a clothing line! We feel super honored to be teaming up with her, as we look up to her for all she has accomplished. We are sure she will just continue to surprise us with her never ending talents.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know I did, now its back to life back to reality! Work, working out, cleaning, eating better, and a whole lot of other things I tell myself on Sunday night that I'm going to do... Whether or not they get done, well that changes on the daily!



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