Summer Jumpsuits!

Life Update

Parks: My oldest, and going off to Kindergarten. I will be honest, I thought he would have no problem at all going to Kindergarten all day, I may have been wrong. Tonight he came downstairs with huge crocodile tears in his eyes trying to tell me how he doesn't understand why he has to go to school "all day!" Nearly brought this mamma heart to tears as well! I'm pretty confident he will get over this, he is super strong and loves to be active and busy...I hope!

Lux: Still my hardest, still can melt me with his 3 year old talk! He carries around a Lightening McQueen and a Mater every where we go. Eats Mac & Cheese and yogurt for every meal.

Banks: Almost 10 months old...HOW? Prefers to be on my hip at all times. Has 8 teeth...I know crazy! Still no moving, though I think it's coming soon. Don't worry, all my kids move VERY late. Lights up at the sight or noise of his dad. 

Christian: Done with this semesters finals on FRIDAY! Enough said...

Kenzi: Trying to adjust to this new chapter and lifestyle our family has begun...


Today's Look


sweater (shop more sweaters here) jeans (shop similar cropped denim here) shoes

This sweater was a HUGE success in the #nsale. I'm totally on the light blue is my signature color...says my 6th grade self! It's perfect for the so called Vegas "Fall," quarter length sleeves and lightweight! These jeans are a MUST...great for shorties like myself. 





Rompers are my jam...Here are a few of my favorite summer jumpsuits!

1. This yellow striped romper is the perfect casual, with a little extra...if you know what I mean. (Click here for more jumpsuit options)

2. Red is my favorite color to wear when I want to spice things up a bit! With the tie on the side this is the perfect romper to grab someones attention!

3. Talk about a piece I will wear every day, this baby comes in like 7 colors and I need them for every day of the week! Did I mention $14?

4. Black goes with does this romper.

5. Can you even deal with this army jumpsuit? It's like you took my favorite thing (a jumpsuit/romper) added army...nailed it!