Back to School Lunches at Target


"This back to school lunches post has been sponsored by Danimals, Glad, Hidden Valley Ranch, Horizon Organic, Kleenex, and NABISCO. All thoughts and opinions are my own."


Sometimes I can't believe I will have a child old enough to go to Kindergarten this year, seriously how am I that old?! Parks is so excited, and I am trying to be excited while at the same time worried, will he fit in? Will he miss me? Did I prepare him enough? I sure hope so! However there is one thing I will know for sure, his back to school lunches will be top notch! Is it weird that I have kind of been looking forward to making school lunches? My mom hated it, and maybe I will 15 years from now, but as for now I can't wait! Lucky for me, I can get everything I need at my favorite store! Come on, you know it's Target, the one-stop shop for everything!  



I start with my favorite Glad MatchWare containers. Sorting my kids’ food into different sections with Glad containers is one of my favorite things. I swear my kids’ eat better when their food is in separate containers...whatever it takes! Don't you remember being a kid? If anything touched, it was no longer going to be eaten!

I also try to create fun and interesting things in their lunches as well, such as this fun teddy bear cut out sandwich or a little love note. Especially on those first couple of days when school can be a little scary!

Here are two of my favorite back to school lunches recipes for the littles...

Ham and American cheese sandwich cut outs:

-1 slice American cheese, but in thirds

- 3 slices ham (1.5 oz)

- 1 tbsp Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

- 2 slices whole wheat bread

5 broccoli trees and 1/2 bell pepper

2 tbsp hummus

1/2 cup raspberries

BARNUM’s Animal Crackers

Danimals Strawberry Smoothie

1 individually wrapped KLEENEX Wet Wipes


Turkey club sliders

- 2 mini slider rolls

-2 tsp. mayo

-2 oz. sliced turkey lunchmeat (55g)

-2 tomato slices

-1 slice turkey bacon, cut in half

6 celery sticks

1 tbsp. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Clementine/small orange

OREO Mini Cookies

Danimals Strawberry Smoothie

1 Individually wrapped KLEENEX Wet Wipes

Danimals Smoothies are seriously my kids’ snack of choice bar none! They love the way they look, the fact that they can open them and eat them on their own, and how good they taste! As far as a drink, there is nothing easier than throwing in a Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk Box. I know they are drinking something good for them, and it's pretty much spill proof!

Nabisco Cookie Multipacks with Nutter Butter Bites, Mini CHIPS AHOY Cookies and OREO Mini Cookies are the perfect end to any meal. As well as Barnum's Animals Crackers or any of the Nabisco Multipack snacks (Teddy Grahams, Mini NILLA Wafers). My kids are just like me, they need a little treat to end each meal. The selected products provide a great level of variety and convenience for your children's lunches.

When all is said and done and lunchtime is over, I can just see my kids starting to wipe their hands all over their clothes! Not anymore! I now pack a Kleenex Wet Wipe in every lunch. They are refreshing and gentle, and can be used at home or on the go on hands and face! No more dirty little hands, and they smell good too! 


As crazy as my momma bear emotions are right now, I know that this is the way it's supposed to be and my kids will be just fine! Not to mention that yet again, Target has come to my rescue for back to school lunches and shopping time yet again!