New Chicco Car Seat for Baby Banks

This Post was sponsored by Chicco, however all opinions are my own.

When asked what I do by others, without hesitation I always say I am a mom. It may not be a "typical" job to some, but to me it is and will always be my first priority. My boys are my entire world, there is nothing I wouldn't do to make sure they are safe in any situation. As their mother it is my duty to make sure of this, that's why I am going to choose to TurnAfter2!

The NextFit® IX Chicco Car Seat Review

Thanks to Chicco, Banks got himself a brand new car seat! "The NextFit® iX Chicco car seat brings new innovation to fit-ability with easy-to-use touchpoints that make it reassuringly simple to install and to secure your little one." Have to be honest I usually have to have my husband install all car seats because, well "mom brain!" But not this Chicco car seat, it was so simple and self explanatory, even I figured it out! Not to mention it can accommodate any child from 5-65lbs, and can be safely used rear facing until your child is 40lbs!

Chicco is a leader in car seat safety and manufacturing. Last year Chicco launched the TurnAfter2 campaign, a national movement designed to increase the number of children who ride rear-facing longer by educating parents about the benefits of doing so, and empowering them to celebrate and share their effort to keep their kids rear-facing. TurnAfter2 is a reminder for parents to wait to "turn" their child forward-facing "after two" years old. 

Since the campaign launched one year ago, the number of parents who are aware are AAP's 2-year rear-facing reccomendation has dramatically increased to 72%, up 26% since 2017. This year, Chicco hopes to reach parents who are still unaware to keep kids rear-facing until 2. 

Banks is my third baby boy, with my first two children I was not educated in the reasoning behind turning your child around later. When they seemed too big in their car seat, or uncomfortable I turned them around. In fact, Chicco found in recent studies that 40% of parents who turn their child forward facing before they are 2, do so because they think their child's legs look cramped, and 32% do so just because they think they look uncomfortable. 

We have all seen in our kids curled up in awkward positions that might look uncomfortable even when they are not - whether it's while they are sleeping, playing or rolling around on the floor, we forget that kids are much more limber than we are in reality, it doesn't bother them at all. Plus nothing is worth risking their safety! Now that I know that rear-facing is the safest option for my children, I want to help Chicco spread the word about #TurnAfter2. I hope you will join me in sharing photos of your little ones safely riding rear-facing in their car seats on social media and using #TurnAfter2 to encourage parents to do the same! You can also shop the NextFit iX and other Chicco car seats here.