Weekend Updates

I had a little bit of an all about me weekend... I may or may not have to pay for it this week, but let me tell you it was good! Me and Kenz kicked it off with dropping the kids at school, hubby's staying home with the babes, and we headed to the Fashion Show Mall for a blow out by Dry Bar! You guys it was so heavenly, I literally was falling asleep! Of course after we had to do a little retail therapy, and like always I get lost in one store and time and money are out! Does this happen to anyone else? Is that just life of a mom, I swear I use to hit so many stores when I would go to the mall and now I seriously feel lucky if I get through two. Anyways the lucky store that got all my attention and money was, Urban Outfitters, and let me tel you it did not disappoint! Then that night we had a pizza and pool party at our neighborhood pool, which was a total blast! The weather here is amazing right now! Then Saturday morning me and Kenz got to go down to the Trump Las Vegas and get pampered at the Spa and then eat lunch poolside! Needless to say it was a good weekend, but mom guilt of course was at an all time high per usual! Anyways I wanted to share with you guys what I got from Urban, and a few other things I picked up, and some that I wish I could have! They have so much cute stuff their right now! Happy Monday! Hope you all have a fab week! 

1. I got this Romper that I have been totally crushing on!

2. This Baseball Tee is such a good fit and only $20!!! 

3. I got this white tee, that is a little bit more feminine then your basic V neck.

4. This Tee was a little bit of a splurge, but was such a great fit, and felt like butter!

5. Bought this Top to go underneath my Romper. 

6. This Button Down is the Bomb! 

7. These Adidas are on sale! Love them! 

8. Give me all the Animal Print in the world! I am such a sucker for anything animal print! 

9. I got this Cross Body Bag this week, and can't wait to bust it out on a date night! 

10. Justin picked the Sunglasses out for me, and I can't lie he did pretty good!