My Valentine

If you are new to the blog! Hi, and welcome! Today I am giving you the Justin and JayCee "LOVE STORY," If you will. Please bare with me, as I am about to Jump back into a GIRLY SCHOOL girl, because that is where it all began! HIGH SCHOOL, when your biggest worry is, what are we doing FRIDAY NIGHT? and SECOND What are we doing SATURDAY NIGHT???

It was end of my Junior year, and I started to notice this "GUY" as I walked to my math class everyday, he was a sophomore, and like I already said, I was a Junior, so clearly I thought I was hot as SNOT, which I wasn't, so I totally flirted with him in a way that I never thought anything would happen, so I did it with no shame at all! Obnoxious and annoying I'm sure. Anyway Junior year ended, and I never thought another second about it, until one night at FAT BURGER, fate happened! 

You may wonder what this miraculous fate was, well it was that me and Justin, both showed up to a singles ward thing, and we were both definitely not supposed to be there, but we were chilling with our older sibs, once again thinking we were way too cool for school! Anyways the night went on and we all decided to go on a group date, to RED ROBIN, and we were supposed to wear RED. Don't ask me why, we were bizarre and that is the only explanation.

I went on the date with Justin to Red Robin, and we hung out a few more times that summer, but nothing to crazy happened. I started my Senior year, thinking once again, how cool I was, only to find out that they screwed up my schedule, which meant I had to go to lunch, while all my SENIOR peeps peaced out! I walked into the cafeteria and panicked! Who the heck was I going to sit with?!? From a distance I spotted Justin, and about 10 of his guy friends, I immediately walked up to him and said, I'm sitting with you and your friends, because I am a huge dork and have no one to sit with! Justin was super nice, pulled me up a chair, and made me feel slightly less dorky! It was in that moment that I thought, wait a minute, am I digging on a JUNIOR!

Well several weeks, months even went by, with us hanging out, and by that I mean me totally gushing over him, the way he talked, walked, dressed, made me laugh, did his hair, the way he smelled, he had me locked an I mean locked good! He was smart though, he didn't kiss me for a long time, and by the time he did, I was totally giddy, and walking on cloud nine! 

Me and Just continued to date my senior year, and I was head over heels for him. After I graduated, I was headed up to Rexburg, Idaho, for beauty school. When I left, we left with the understanding, you enjoy your senior year, and I will enjoy college life. Well that lasted about a week, and turned more into hour phone calls every night, texting all day, and waiting till the day we got to see each other again. Lets just say our relationship was rocky for this year, but both of us were stubborn, and didn't want to give each other up. Not saying we did the right thing, but in the end it worked out for us. 

I finished my beauty school, and moved back to Las Vegas, where Justin was starting his first year of college. I can't lie, I was so happy to be home, to be with him, and although I always new I wanted him to go on a mission, part of me just wanted my best friend to stay forever. 

After nine months of pure bliss, Justin was headed off to his mission in New Jersey. I was so happy for him, and so sad for me. I remember one night before he left, I was leaving his house and he walked me out to my car, and I all of a sudden just broke down in tears. For me this isn't a very common occurrence, I think it hit me like a ton of bricks that my best friend was leaving for two years, and I lost it! He was my person, he was who I called when I was on my way to work, when leaving work, called before going to bed, and text good morning as soon as I was up. All of that was about to come to a screeching halt! The day came, and Justin left for his mission. I wrote him every week, and he wrote me. Getting his letters was the best day of my week it was even a bigger bonus when he sent me a package with a tape recording. 

Justin returned two years later, and after being released he came straight to my house, when I opened the door, he walked right up to me, and kissed me. I know some of you may think that is a little crazy, but I was soaring! It was if he had never left. The feelings I had for him came flooding back! We began to date again immediately, and 3 months later he asked me to marry him, and 5 months later we were married for ETERNITY in the Las Vegas temple. 

Me and Justin have been married six years, and I do not claim that it is all high fives and rainbows, but I do claim, with each year, each baby, and each trial my love continues to grow for him. I often reminisce on those feelings I felt as a teenager in "Love" it was amazing, but I have learned as you are married and children come a new "Love" comes into play. A love that when you are so exhausted, you don't think you can take another step, and you look over and your husband is doing the dishes, and your heart melts almost as much as when he kissed you for the first time. Or when he comes home from the gym, and brings you a hot fudge sunday with carmel and peanuts. When he tells you you look beautiful, after you have been pooped, peed, and puked on all day. Yes it is different then being a teenager in Love, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! There is no one I would rather call my Valentine, he's not Perfect and I am certainly not, but he is Mine, and he sticks with me, that's why I Love Justin Wall. You will forever be my best friend. 



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