Unique Gifts for Women under $40

Most gifts tend to fall in this category…and I 100% want everything on this list!

  1. Loopy cases are seriously my new favorite thing, only thing that keeps my phone off the floor and out of my kids hands!

  2. These little gems are amazing and would work great in stockings too! Get all those unwanted hairs off!

  3. You know any type of cup that keeps my drink cold for long periods of time is this girls bread and butter!

  4. This is the best perfume ever…and never found this cheap!

  5. Any girl would love some gold bangles to add to her wrist!

  6. Homemade popcorn is my favorite savory treat…EVER. This bowl is the easiest way to make it!

  7. Jammies under $25? Yes Please!

  8. A birthstone necklace is perfect for any girl…and it always fits!

  9. My favorite scented candle…and pretty to top it off!

  10. How cute is this scarf? Perfect accessory for any outfit!

  11. The perfect shades of nude for any girl!

  12. Gloves that look cute too…come in a couple different colors!

  13. Silk pillow for those luscious locks!

  14. Tortoise shell is my new favorite print…goes with everything!

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