14 Newborn Must-Haves

I will be the first to admit, when I was pregnant with my first baby I was searching Pinterest left and right looking for newborn must haves and exactly what I needed for this new baby boy. I was CLUELESS! Fast forward more than 5 years, I think I might have a hang on it! Like I said, this is my third baby, I feel like I "kind of" know about newborn must haves. I get asked all the time to do a newborn must haves post like this...so here it is! Everything I believe you need for baby before he/she arrives. 


1. 4 Position Ergo baby Carrier - My first baby lived in this carrier for the first 6 months of his life. He was not the most content baby and needed to be held 24/7. Not to mention they have come so far since then!

2. Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happy Baby - I am so excited to try this out with new baby, I have heard amazing things and can't wait to test it out. 

3. Nest Baby Monitor - We have been using ours for the past month and are absolute in LOVE. My favorite part is I can watch previous things he had done through out his nap or sleep.

4. Silver Lining Activity Gym by Skip Hop - Everyone needs an activity gym, only way I could take a shower! You have yourself at least a solid 3-5 minutes!

5. Mesa carseat by Uppa Baby (Henry) - Talk about the Mercedes of car seats, it's light, looks classy and one of the top rated safest there is.

6. Uplift Multi Lift Bouncer by Skip Hop - JayCee has used this with the twins and they have loved it, a saving grace if you will at times. I love that it can be on a floor level with me, or couch level if I am folding laundry or entering other children.

7. 2-Pack Classy Burpy Bibs by Aden & Anais - The best there is, thick enough to not soak all the way through, and the patterns are adorable!

8. 3-Pack Classic Swaddling Cloths by Aden & Anais - Swaddles are my babies saving grace, my babies LOVE to be swaddled, and I love swaddling them.

9. Dock a Tot - This baby can fit into almost any crib or bassinet and makes baby feel comfort and closeness.

10. 2017 Vista Uppa Baby Aluminum Frame Convertible Stroller  - The best of the best, I have had this stroller for the past year and I truly love it, not to mention it looks amazing as well!

11. Noodle and Boo baby products - If you want your baby to smell like a dream, this is your stuff! I have tried a million products and this may be my favorite!

12. Fisher Price Rock n' Play - I love that this bassinet is elevated, makes me feel better when he sleeps in it. If he spits up, I am not as worried that he would choke. I also love that it can rock if baby is upset and I am trying to take care of other babies or anything else!

13. Owlet Smart Sock - Lifesaver, no pun intended! This sock tracks your babies heart rate and breathing while sleeping.

14. 4-1 Nursing Cover - My two favorite parts of this nursing cover is the nursing cover part and the car seat cover. There is nothing worse than going out in public with your newborn and everyone trying to look and peak in your carseat. 

What about you? What are your newborn must haves? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope this helps!